Caldera - Press Release
"This album is epic," says Robert Escamillo, co-writer of many songs and friend of the band. "Compared to some of the other music these guys have made, it seems like these songs actually tell a story. From losing lovers, to wanting to spread the love of Christ through song, I think these guys have really matured." Some of the songs are studio recordings, a few were recorded using a First Act guitar from Wal-Mart. If you notice, most of the sounds have been recycled from other sources. In fact, Caldera is one of the first bands ever in the history of right now that has built a musical career using almost no inherent musical talent. The idea of Caldera, the essence of what it is lives and breathes through this album. It is consumerism gone horribly, horribly right. [Read More...]
Caldera - Sunshine and Sins Review
The scariest moment on the entire album is the track called “Sex”, but this is not because of the song’s content. It’s simply because this track is in the running for worst song to actually be recorded in history. These guys were either really high or got a vocal effect processor for Christmas, decided to record their first effort using it, and then put it on their latest release. [Read More...]
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