The Zombie: S1E1
Oct 28, 2009
This is not about zombies....yet. This is the first episode of a new series that uses cutting edge technology to make some of the best entertainment available today. This is groundbreaking material. Be careful, you may not love what you see.
Late Knight Reminders
Oct 28, 2009
This was released back in '05. Just something I mixed together at some point. I think you'll figure out what's going on. John IV 123:09 states, "Another childhood memory. This one happened when I was younger, probably around 3 or 4. My memory isnt what it used to be so I could be completely off. In our old house we had a fenced in backyard, with shady trees, flower beds, big enough for a dog. Anyways, I figure the dog would try to dig under the fence and it left these small little holes all around the fence, which turtles would crawl through into our backyard. Whenever we would find a turtle (me and my brother that is) we would run inside with it. It usually peed all over us, but we didnt care we were just so excited to find something. After that my mom would throw us back outside and then eventually come back out with some nail polish so we could name our turtles. I usually named mine Simon for some reason. I dont remember what my brother named his. Anyways, so Simon stayed for awhile. But one day, I couldnt find Simon, I wasnt heart broken though because later that day I found all Simons babies. As fathers usually do, Simon had left them all alone. I cried for the poor things, but I marked every single one. Well, I dont know why my brother wasnt with me when I found these, so I picked one up and brought it to show him. When I found my brother, he was playing with some toys in this little cement area we had in our backyard. I showed him the little baby turtle and for some reason, I put it really close to his face. The turtle, who was probably scared shitless, decides to chomp down right on the end of his nose. So my brother starts screaming and shaking his head trying to get the turtle off, while I am screaming for my dad. So my dad opens the door, looks outside, sees my brother with the turtle on his nose and then he just closes the door. What else could you do huh?"

This is the word of our Lord, Thanks be to God!!
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